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Obama says Trump is searching for 2d time period to assist himself and his wealthy friends

Barack Obama criticized Trump for leaving his interview with CBS News reporter Lesley Stahl

Washington, Oct 25: us president Donald Trump is seeking a 2nd time period to assist himself and his wealthy buddies, Barack Obama has alleged, as he tore into his successor for not having a plan to combat the covid-19 pandemic and on foot out of an interview.

Searching for aid for former VP Joe Biden, who is the presidential candidate of the democratic celebration, and his running mate senator Kamala harris, Obama at a drive-in vehicle rally inside the battleground state of Florida on Saturday entreated individuals now not to give a second time period to trump.

Claiming that Trump has no empathy and no difficulty for common people, Obama, stated the USA president changed into searching for a 2nd time period most effective “to help himself” and his wealthy pals. However, Biden and harris are going to be within the combat, now not for themselves, “however for you and us”, he said.

“they’re now not going to surround themselves with hacks and lobbyists. They are going to surround themselves with folks who care approximately you that extra than whatever is what separates them from their warring parties: they really care about americans, even those who aren’t voting for them, obama said at an election rally in miami, florida.

Miami dade has the best enrollment of any county in florida. Florida has the best enrollment of any nation in the united states. No one has a larger stake in ensuring those protections live in place than proper right here in florida, he said.

“we have got a potus who certainly recommended selling puerto rico. Trust it or now not, it could’ve been worse. He as soon as requested our countrywide safety officials if he could nuke hurricanes. I imply, at least he failed to try this. A nuclear storm looks as if it would have been awful,” obama said.

“i’ve sat inside the oval office with each of the men who’re walking for president and they are very exceptional people. , donald trump, i knew he wasn’t going to include my vision, i knew he wasn’t going to retain my rules, but i did hope that for the u . S . A .’s sake he might have shown at the least a bit little bit of interest in taking the activity significantly. T

the hat is no longer the way it worked out,” he stated. Obama criticized Trump for walking out of his interview with reporter Lesley Stahl of CBS information.

“he got mad and walked out of the 60 mins interview. He thought the questions have been too difficult. If he cannot answer a tough question like ‘what could you like to do to your 2nd term,’ then we can’t deliver him a second time period. Whilst 60 minutes and lesley stahl are too hard for you, you ain’t all that tough,” he said.

“he was requested ‘what’s your new plan for the subsequent phase of covid?’ that is a pretty correct query considering we just noticed the very best quantity of instances spike up the day past. So you’d suppose he’d be equipped for a reaction. As a substitute, he simply stated it wasn’t his fault and he did not have (a plan).

He does not have a plan, he would not even well know the reality,” Obama claimed. Trump complained about being asked hard questions. The president cried foul about the interview on Tuesday, earlier than releasing it on Facebook on Thursday.

Responding to obama, trump, in a tweet, later stated that no person is showing up for the previous us president.

“nobody is displaying up for obama’s hate laced speeches. 47 people! No electricity, however still better than joe! He said. Obama claimed that his management left the white residence a virulent disease playbook that confirmed them the way to reply before an epidemic reached the united states seashores.

“it have to be misplaced along with the republican healthcare plan. We can’t find it. Eight months into this pandemic, new cases are breaking records. Donald trump is not suddenly going to defend all of us. He can not even take the primary steps to shield himself, he said.

“florida guy wouldn’t even do these things. Why are we accepting it from the president of the us? It’s not ordinary behaviour, he said. Obama stated that biden become no longer a socialist.

“look, a number of the rhetoric you are listening to down right here in south florida, it is just made up. It is simply nonsense. Taking note of the republicans, you’ll suppose joe was greater communist than the castros. Do not fall for that garbage,” he said.

‘do not fall for that Okie doke. Joe Biden isn’t always a socialist. He becomes a senator from Delaware i assume folks might understand if he became an outstanding socialist right now. What’s actually is he’s going to stand up for normal humans,” said the previous president.


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