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Dr. Chytra a Dermatologist launches her own active facial range specifically formulated for Indian skin type

Dr. Chytra a Dermatologist launches her own active facial range specifically formulated for Indian skin type

, skincare is no longer restricted to a cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. From facial rollers to hydrating sheet masks, our skincare ritual has changed drastically.

The emergence of several new brands touting their products as a ‘game-changer’ or the ‘best’, has also made it safe to say that deciding what goes on your skin is getting quite complicated.

Everyone’s skin is different, apart from your skin type, you also need to consider your primary skin concern, followed by your smaller, secondary skin concerns, and devise a skincare routine that caters to all of them. Sounds like a lot of work. It is not.

We live in an era of customization – this also includes your skincare products. Mass-produced skincare products will not necessarily cater to your skin concern.

The other way to know if a skincare product is right for your skin or has any chances of a harmful reaction in any circumstance is to speak to a certified skin expert or professional. They evaluate everything from your current skincare routine to your makeup preferences, lifestyle, diet, and overall health before devising a routine for you.

Indian Skin is known as the ‘skin of colour’ and it is different from Western or Asian Skin and has its characteristic,

As a celebrity Dermatologist, we make people aware that Indians must use products specifically curated for their ethnicity and skincare problem. Most people in India don’t realize that skincare must be formulated for their skin type and not a generic version if they wish to see long-lasting results.

Apart from that, due to the presence of extra pigment in our skin type, the skin reacts differently. Eg: Caucasian

or oriental skin will get red on irritation and heal. Indian skin/skin of color develop pigment patch and the red turns to brown. Leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This makes Indian skin highly sensitive.

When exposed to the sun, Indian skin does not typically burn but gets tanned sooner which is a superficial pigmentation that wears of, But constant exposure can cause pigmentation which causes skin patchiness.

Therefore, after years of research, we are proud to bring beauty curated for the Indian skin using only natural actives, It is designed to tackle skin issues such as acne, pigmentation, and dull skin which are commonly faced by Indian skin.

Skin Q is a skincare brand with a unique range of active facial kits specifically formulated for Indian skin type.

The products are Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Silicon free, Phthalates free & GMO-free. They are proprietary formulations with active ingredients.

Skin Q’s unique formula has adapted actives in scientific proportions specifically for Indian Skin, Some of the actives in the range are Emblica (Indian Gooseberry), Curcumin, Grapeseed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Retinol Liposomes, Licorice, Niacinamide, Soybean Extract, Vitamin C, Murmurur Butter, etc.

all towards restoring, nourishing, balancing, repairing, and boosting Skin Health, Skin Q for Indian Skin has launched DIY Beauty Box, a unique 5 step program for DIY active facials at home, Now, this is something we all have been waiting for!

About Dr. Chytra Anand: Chief Innovator, Founder @ Skin Q

Dr. Chytra a Dermatologist launches her own active facial range specifically formulated for Indian skin type

Dr. Chytra Anand is an internationally renowned, Multi Award winning Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist based in Bangalore. Having trained in India, UK & USA, Dr. Chytra is well versed in treating all skin types.

Dr. Chytra lectures and trains doctors across the world in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and is an in-demand trainer and lecturer at various international Aesthetic Medicine Conferences, having spoken in the USA, UK, Monaco, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Dubai, Thailand, Korea, etc.

Dr. Chytra observed that most product brands are Western or Korean with hardly any research on Indian skin. Having always formulated skincare for her patients, she decided to use this specialist knowledge to create a unique skincare range specifically for Skin of Colour / Indian Skin.

After practicing in India for over 15 years, Dr. Chytra with her vast experience in formulation and skincare for Indian Skin conceptualized Skin Q which uses naturally derived active ingredients to deliver results safely and effectively for Skin of colour / Indian Skin.


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